# Utilities

# Archiving

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
The Unarchiver Open any archive in seconds. AppStore Free Closed-Source
BetterZip Advanced archiver that does everything you need. Website Paid Closed-Source
Keka Keka is a full featured file archiver, as easy as it can be. AppStore Free Closed-Source
Archiver Easy to use archiver. Website Paid Closed-Source
WinZip Zip and unzip files instantly Website Paid Closed-Source

# Dark mode / Light mode

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Shifty A macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Night Shift. Website Free Open-Source
Gray Tailor your Dark/Light mode experience per app. Github Free Open-Source
NightOwl Easily toggle MacOS dark mode in the menu bar. Website Free Closed-Source
Nocturnal A simple macOS app to toggle dark mode with one click. Github Free Open-Source
Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Bartender Organize your menu bar icons with a second menu. Website Paid Closed-Source
Dozer Hide status bar icons. Github Free Open-Source
Hidden Bar An ultra-light MacOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons. AppStore Free Open-Source
Vanilla Hide menu bar icons on your Mac. Website Freemium Closed-Source
DarkNight Automatically switch between light and dark wallpapers based on sunrise and sunset, or on your own schedule. AppStore Free Closed-Source
BitBar Put anything in your menu bar. Github Free Open-Source
One Switch All your powerful switches in one place. Website Paid Closed-Source
TextBar Tiny but powerful app that lets you add any text to your MenuBar. Website Free Closed-Source
XMenu Brings back Apple Menu and is a application launcher. AppStore Free Closed-Source
Hand Mirror Check yo face from the menubar AppStore Free Closed-Source
Clocker Clocker is designed to help you keep track of your friends and colleagues in different time zones. AppStore Free Closed-Source

# Touch bar

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
MTMB - My TouchBar My Rules" The TouchBar Customization App for your MacBook Pro. Website Free Open-Source
Haptic Touch Bar App Haptic Touch Bar provides actual feedback when pressing buttons on your Touch Bar. Website Paid Closed-Source
Touch Bar Simulator The macOS Touch Bar as a standalone app. Website Free Open-Source
TouchSwitcher Use Touch Bar to Switch Apps. Website Free Closed-Source
Muse An open-source Spotify, iTunes and Vox controller with TouchBar support. Github Free Open-Source

# Virtualization

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Parallels Desktop Best way to emulate Windows on your Mac with a seamless experience. Website Paid Closed-Source
VMware Fusion Fusion is simple and powerful VM to run operating systems side by side with Mac applications, without rebooting. Website Paid Closed-Source

# Other

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Endurence Add a power-saving mode for our Mac and boost your battery. Website Paid Closed-Source
Burn Simple but advanced CD and DVD curner for macOS. Website Free Open-Source
What's Open A simple utility for MacOSX which lists the open files on a system and allows the user to kill the process that has them open. Website Free Open-Source