# Terminal

# Emulators

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
iTerm Powerful and full-featured Terminal-replacement for Terminal. Website Free Closed-Source
Alacritty A super fast, cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator. Github Free Open-Source
Cathode Vintage terminal emulator. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Serial Connect to routers, servers, firewalls, industrial control and IoT devices with ease. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Core Shell A terminal to make your SSH life easy AppStore Freemium Closed-Source

# Miscellaneous

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
ASCIInema Lightweight, purely text-based terminal screen recording and easy to share sessions. Website Free Open-Source
ShellHistory Backup, sync and organize your shell history AppStore Paid Closed-Source