# System

# Battery / Power management

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Batteries Track all your devices' batteries from your Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
coconutBattery Inspect your battery life and get live and current health information, as well in your menu bar. Website Freemium Closed-Source
Juice! Keeps an eye on your laptop’s battery charge level and can play a sound when it’s time to plug in or when it’s OK to disconnect from the mains. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Wattagio Powerful battery assistant for your Mac. It gives you information about current battery health, including battery life, battery consumption, and battery cycle count. Website Paid Closed-Source
FruitJuice FruitJuice will let you know how long to stay unplugged each day to keep your battery healthy. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
App Tamer Detect applications and take control over apps that is resource hogs. App Tamer will automatically slow down or pause your applications whenever you're not using them, greatly reducing their CPU use. Website Paid Closed-Source
Power Manager Automate sophisticated tasks and improve your Mac's power management. Website Paid Closed-Source
Battery Monitor Display and monitor internal battery information Website Paid Closed-Source
Endurence Add a power-saving mode for our Mac and boost your battery. Website Paid Closed-Source
Apple Juice Advanced battery gauge for macOS, that displays the remaining battery time and more. Github Free Open-Source
Magic Battery Mini Shows the battery level of supported input devices and headphones that are connected via Bluetooth. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Magic Battery Shows the battery level of supported input devices and headphones that are connected via Bluetooth in the menu bar. Internal batteries are also supported. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Better Battery Monitoring battery health AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Battery Indicator Remaining battery time in your menu bar AppStore Paid Closed-Source
AlDente All-In-One Charging Manager For MacBooks. Limit maximum charging percentage to preseve battery life. Website Freemium Open-Source
Magic Battery Battery Information App. Supports all Apple input and audio devices AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Magic Battery Mini Battery level today widget. Supports all Apple input and audio devices AppStore Paid Closed-Source

# Bluetooth

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Juice The missing Bluetooth manager for mac (Note: No longer maintained, tested and works in Catalina). Website Paid Closed-Source
AirBuddy AirBuddy brings the same AirPods experience you have on iOS to the Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source

# Desktop

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Free My Desktop Automatically hides all the icons from your desktop, the dock and the menubar. Website Free Closed-Source
HiddenMe Hide your desktop icons with a single click AppStore Freemium Closed-Source

# Device management (MDM)

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
iMazing Profile Editor Create, edit, and sign Apple configuration profiles. AppStore Free Closed-Source

# Display

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
SwitchResX Get full control of your displays Website Paid Closed-Source
f.lux It makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Website Free Closed-Source
MonitorControl Control your external monitor brightness & volume on your Mac Github Free Open-Source
GammaControl Per-screen color adjustments. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
QuickRes Quick and simple resolution changer for MacOS as a menubar dropdown. Website Paid Closed-Source
Displays Manage your monitors and more Website Paid Closed-Source
NightTone Makes your screen more comfortable, enjoyable and healthier by shifting the colors of your display to a warmer, eye-friendly palette. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
EasyRes A fast screen resolution switcher for Mac OS X with live previews. AppStore Free Closed-Source
RapidRes This allows to change the display resolution from the title bar. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
RDM Enable and use highest and unsupported resolutions from the menu bar. Github Free Open-Source
Lunar Intelligent adaptive brightness for your external display Website Free Open-Source
Blackout Black out external displays with a single click! AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Lunar Intelligent adaptive brightness for your external display Website Freemium Open-Source
DisplayBuddy Control external displays from your Mac menu bar Website Paid Closed-Source

# File system / Drive info

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
FUSE for MacOS FUSE extends macOS by adding support for user space file systems Website Free Open-Source
Mounty for NTFS A tiny tool to re-mount write-protected NTFS volumes under macOS in read-write mode. Website Free Closed-Source
Paragon NTFS for Mac Seamless first-class support for NTFS. Write, edit, copy, move and delete files easy on your Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
Paragon extFS for Mac Read or write files from HDD, SSD or flash drives formatted under Linux ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems. Just connect the disk and access the files. Website Paid Closed-Source
Blue Harvest BlueHarvest keeps your devices free of macOS and Windows metadata such as ._ files, .DS_Store files, .Trashes, Thumbs.db, Desktop.ini and $RECYCLE.BIN etc. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Microsoft NTFS by Tuxera Get reliable read-write compatibility for all NTFS-formatted USB drives Website Paid Closed-Source
AutoMounter AutoMounter ensures that your shares are always mounted when you need them. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Drive Scope S.M.A.R.T. Tool for Macintosh Website Paid Closed-Source
DriveDx Drive health diagnostic & monitoring tool Website Paid Closed-Source
CloudMounter Map all popular cloud services as regular drives AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
DiskMeter Monitor, Clean And Eject Disks AppStore Freemium Closed-Source

# Keyboard

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
KeyCastr An open-source keystroke visualizer Github Free Open-Source
Karabiner-Elements A powerful and stable keyboard customizer for macOS. Website Free Open-Source
Visualize Visualize allows you to highlight your key presses and mouse clicks right on your desktop! AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Key Codes Displays the key code, unicode value, and modifier keys state for any key combination you press AppStore Free Closed-Source
KeyBell Plays relaxing and nostalgic mechanical sound every time you type something on your keyboard. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
CapsLocker Get a hint that you just enabled (or disabled) caps lock. AppStore Paid Closed-Source

# Management

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
AppCleaner A small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. Website Free Closed-Source
TrashMe Clean and uninstall, the perfect way Website Paid Closed-Source
DaisyDisk Analyze disk usage and clear up space AppStore Paid Closed-Source
LaunchControl LaunchControl is a fully-featured launchd GUI allowing you to create, manage and debug system- and user services on your Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
Lingon An easy to use yet powerful app to run things automatically Website Paid Closed-Source
Disk Inventory X Disk usage utility for Mac OS X. It shows the sizes of files and folders in a special graphical way called "treemaps". Website Free Open-Source
OmniDiskSweeper This shows you the files on your drive, largest to smallest, and lets you quickly Trash or open them. Website Free Closed-Source
Darksight Visualize your disk, so you can easily find and remove large folders and files that might be not needed anymore. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Launch Services Uses the macOS Launch Services API to perform lookups of bundle IDs and file extensions. Website Free Closed-Source
Disk Space Analyzer A powerful disk usage scanning and reporting utility for Mac. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
DiskSight Visualize your drive or folder AppStore Paid Closed-Source
GrandPerspective Graphically show the disk usage within a file system AppStore Paid Open-Source
WhatSize View and manage disk usage Website Paid Closed-Source

# Mouse / Trackpad

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
BetterTouchTool BetterTouchTool is a great, feature packed app that allows you to customize various input devices on your Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
Mos A lightweight tool used to smooth scrolling and set scroll direction independently for your mouse on MacOS. Website Free Open-Source
SmoothScroll Give your mouse wheel buttery smooth scrolling. Website Subscription Closed-Source
Swish Control windows and applications right from your trackpad with intuitive two-finger swipe, pinch, tap and hold gestures. Website Paid Closed-Source
Mouseposé Add spotlight to your mouse cursor. Website Paid Closed-Source
Middle Add middle click to your Mac Website Paid Closed-Source
MultiTouch Easily add more gestures to macOS. Website Paid Closed-Source
SteerMouse A utility that lets you freely customize buttons, wheels and cursor speed. Both USB and Bluetooth mice are supported. Website Paid Closed-Source
CursorSense An application that adjusts cursor acceleration and sensitivity. It can move the cursor to a specified destination, such as OK and Cancel button automatically. Website Paid Closed-Source
Keymou Keyboard control of your mouse AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Scroll reverse Reverse the direction of scrolling, with independent settings for trackpads and mice. Website Free Open-Source
Scrollow Control various system parameters and issue control events without touching function keys or using Touch Bar. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Noo mouse Map mouse buttons and multi-touch gestures to any combination of keys. AppStore Free Open-Source
Inifnite Loop Move your mouse cursor from the right border of your screen to the left-border and vice-versa. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
magicScrollWheel Scroll your macOS with mouse smoothly like using a Magic mouse or Trackpad. Github Free Open-Source
Cursor Pro Mouse Highlighter & Magnifier AppStore Paid Closed-Source

# Notification Center

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
muzzle A simple app to silence embarrasing notifications while screensharing. Website Free Closed-Source

# Package management

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Homebrew Most popular and easy to use package manager for MacOS. Website Free Open-Source
MacPorts Ports for compiling, installing, and upgrading either command-line X11 or Aqua based open-source software. Website Free Open-Source
MAS Mac App Store command line interface Github Free Open-Source
Cakebrew The Mac App (GUI) for Homebrew. Website Free Open-Source
Latest App for macOS that checks if all your apps are up to date. Website Free Open-Source

# Sleep

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Lungo Prevent your Mac from going to sleep AppStore Paid Closed-Source
KeepingYouAwake Prevents your Mac from going to sleep. Github Free Open-Source
Amphetamine Amphetamine can keep your Mac, and optionally its display(s), awake through a super simple on/off switch, or automatically through easy-to-configure Triggers. AppStore Free Closed-Source
Coffee Buzz Easiest and safest display-sleep preventer available wuth an safety auto-shutoff feature. AppStore Free Closed-Source
Theine Keeps your Mac awake AppStore Paid Closed-Source

# System information

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Intel MacCPUID MacCPUID is a tool used for displaying information collected from the microprocessor via the CPUID instruction. Website Free Closed-Source
Intel Power Gadget Software-based power usage monitoring tool for Intel CPUs Website Free Closed-Source
Sensei Monitor, tweak and optimize your Mac with a easy to see dashboard. Website Paid Closed-Source
iStat Menus An advanced system monitor for your menubar. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
EtreCheck Produce a comprehensive diagnostic report on the current state of your computer. This report includes details about hardware, installed software, and performance. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Sloth Show all open files, directories, sockets, pipes and devices in use by all running processes. GUI for lsof. Website Free Open-Source
iStatistica Advanced system monitor for macOS. It includes notification center widget and status bar menu AppStore Paid Closed-Source
FreeSpace Show free space of your drives in a menubar app, including TimeMachine and hidden local TimeMachine snapshots. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Stats Simple macOS system monitor in your menu bar to show cpu, ram, network, battery and sensors. Github Free Open-Source
Silicon Scan macOS apps and display their supported CPU architecture. Github Free Open-Source
Hot Menu bar app that displays the CPU speed limit due to thermal issues. Github Free Open-Source
Go64 Check to see which of your applications are "Universal Apps" and which ones need to be updated. Website Free Closed-Source
System Monitor Menu bar app, designed to inform you unobtrusively about the activity of your computer. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Pluto Stats Refined system monitor AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
MiniUsage Displays various data inside the menubar Website Free Closed-Source
CPU Stress Test One click testing for Intel & Apple Silicon CPUs Website Free Closed-Source
TG Pro Temperature monitoring, fan control & diagnostics Website Paid Closed-Source
Eul macOS status monitoring app written in SwiftUI. AppStore Free Open-Source
RunCat You can see how much the current CPU usage is by looking at the running of the cat. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Usage System Activity Monitor. Simple, customizable and modern. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
GPU Monitor Pro GPU Monitor Pro displays details about all your graphics cards. Nvidia, AMD and Apple are supported. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Performance Panel Customisable window that shows processor, network, memory and disk loads. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
System Dashboard The System Dashboard shows all the important characteristics of your system on a single page. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
System Watcher The System Watcher allows you to monitor the status of your system. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
System Toolkit System Toolkit allows you to monitor and clean your system AppStore Paid Closed-Source

# Tiling window managers

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Yabai A tiling window manager for macOS based on binary space partitioning. Github Free Open-Source
Amethyst Tiling window manager for macOS along the lines of xmonad. Website Free Open-Source

# System Tweaks

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Fanny Notification Center Widget and Menu Bar application to monitor your Macs fans. Website Free Open-Source
Monolingual A tool for removing unneeded language localization files for macOS Github Free Open-Source
New File Menu New File Menu allows you to create new files quickly via the Finder context menu. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Context Menu Context Menu is a configurable contextual menu extension for Finder. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
PrefEdit PrefEdit is an application to manage nearly all aspects of the preference system contained in every macOS installation. Website Paid Closed-Source
Prefs Editor A GUI for the 'defaults' command. a.k.a. the Registry Editor for macOS. Website Free Closed-Source
Easy New File A finder extension which adds some functions in right click menu in the Finder AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Macs Fan Control Real-time monitoring of fan speeds and temperatures Website Freemium Closed-Source
iPreview Add support for all kinds of file types MacOS can't preview in Finder, QuickLook and Spotlight. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
SlowQuitApps Add a global delay to Command-Q to stop accidental app quits. Github Free Open-Source
CommandQ Never accidentally quit an app or mistakenly close a window again. Website Paid Closed-Source
SystemLoad Put a user-definable load onto one or more processors X86/M1. Website Free Closed-Source
TinkerTool Gives you access to additional preference settings Apple has built into macOS. Website Free Closed-Source

# Window layout / Snapping

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Rectangle Rectangle is FOSS window management app based on Spectacle, written in Swift. Website Free Open-Source
Magnet Magnet declutters your screen by snapping windows into organized tiles. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Moom Moom makes window management as easy as clicking a mouse button—or using a keyboard shortcut. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Mosaic (by lightpillar) Effortlessly resize and re-position windows on your Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
Mosaic (by rcopstein) Workspace organization for your Mac like never before Website Paid Closed-Source
Hookshot Cursor movement window snapping on macOS Website Paid Closed-Source
Window Tindy Resize windows in macOS with Drag & Drop AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Tiles The window manager for macOS Website Free Closed-Source

# Window management

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Alt-Tab Windows alt-tab on macOS. Website Free Open-Source
WindowSwitcher Powerful Mac Desktop Window Switcher and Window Manager for macOS Website Paid Closed-Source
MaxSnap Powerful Window Manager for Mac, Alternative to SizeUp, Divvy and Moom. Website Paid Closed-Source
ScreenFocus Dimms any number of screens, so that you can focus only on what you are actually working on. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
HazeOver Distraction Dimmer for Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
Hocus Focus A Mac menu bar utility that hides your inactive windows. Website Free Closed-Source
Window Focus Highlight your active window and dim the rest Website Paid Closed-Source
Contexts Switch between application windows effortlessly. Website Paid Closed-Source
Grid Snap windows by using gestures, keyboard shortcuts, dragging to corners, or menu bar. Website Paid Closed-Source
Hides Distraction free workspace AppStore Padi Closed-Source
Manico Using Option + Number key to launch or switch to the target app in an extremely fast speed! AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
UnDistracted Menu-bar app which blocks Distractions and helps you find your Focus Website Paid Closed-Source
All Windows Appear Classic Mac OS window behavior AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Switch for MacOS Keyboard-driven commands to better navigate your mac apps Website Paid Closed-Source
Mission Control Plus Manage your windows in Mission Control, adding keyboard navigation, shortcuts and more. Website Paid Closed-Source
All Windows Appear Classic Window Behavior. Clicking on a window brings all related windows to the front. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Front and Center Control the window layering policy on your Mac. Classic and Modern modes. AppStore Paid Closed-Source