# Graphics and Design

# 3D Modeling

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Unfolder Unfolder is a 3D model unfolding tool for creating papercraft. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Live Home 3D Pro Intuitive and feature packed home design app suitable for homeowners and professional designers. AppStore Paid Closed-Source

# Bitmap

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Acorn Full-featured photo editor for MacOS. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Affinity Photo Professional Image Editing Software AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Pixelmator Pro Professional image editing tools that anyone can use. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
ArtStudio Pro Powerful painting and photo editing app redesigned to bring new features and improvements taking full advantage of the latest technologies. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Hydra Pro HDR Editor for Mac. Create stunning HDR images from single or multiple exposures. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
iMazing HEIC Converter 100% free solution to easily convert pictures taken in the new HEIF format. AppStore Free Closed-Source
Paint X Classic simple painting application inspired by MS Paint. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
HyperDither App that uses an color reduction (dithering) routine to turn color or grayscale images into 1-bit AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Darkroom Premium photo & video editor that is easy to use by casual photographers, yet powerful enough for the pros. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
PhotosRevive Automatically colorizes your old black and white photos AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Capture One Powerful Photo editing software Website Paid Closed-Source
Squash Powerful bulk image editor for Mac Website Paid Closed-Source

# Color pickers

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Color Picker Plus An extension to the macOS Colors panel, that is inspired by the color picker from Adobe Photoshop. Github Free Open-Source
ColorSlurp ColorSlurp is the ultimate color productivity booster for designers and developers. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Litur Litur helps you find, collect, and organize all your colors AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Sipapp A better way to collect, organize & share your colors. Website Paid Closed-Source
QuickLens Inspect your UI like a professional designer. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Pastel Capture and collect color palettes with Pastel! AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Drop Drop is a delightful little color picker for developers and designers. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Kelir Unique picker with a preview which color you are selecting. Once you pick a color, any code will be available for you to paste it. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
ColorWell Color Palette Generator AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Tint A better color picker AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Inclusivity Accessible Color Palettes AppStore Free Closed-Source
Classic Color Meter Enhanced color meter replacement with added functionality AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Color UI Explore vivid colors and convert them into various formats. Tailored for Designers/Developers. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source

# Fonts

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
RightFont Professional font manager app for Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
Typeface Your all new favorite font app. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Glyphs Create Stunning Fonts on Your Mac with Professional Tools. Website Paid Closed-Source
FontLab Modern, professional font editor, crafted for type designers and font geeks. Website Paid Closed-Source

# Gif

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
GifCapture Gif capture app for macOS Github Free Open-Source
Gifski Convert videos to high-quality GIFs on your Mac Github Free Open-Source
Gifox Delightful GIF Recording and Sharing App AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Claquette GIF video tool AppStore Freemium Closed-Source

# Icons

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
iConvert Icons Easiest way to create and convert custom icons AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Iconizer Create Xcode asset catalogs on the fly. Website Free Open-Source
Bakery Generate beautiful placeholder app icons AppStore Freemium Closed-Source

# Pixel Mapping

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Pixel Perfect LED A utility to generate pixel map for displays for events. Website Paid Closed-Source
pixl Grid LED test pattern generator with Live output AppStore Free Closed-Source

# Publishing

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Affinity Publisher Professional desktop publishing software AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Swift Publisher All-purpose page layout and desktop publisher for Mac. AppStore Paid Closed-Source

# Tools

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
ImageOptim Removes bloated metadata. Saves disk space & bandwidth by compressing images without losing quality. Website Free Open-Source
Optimage Advanced image optimization tool Website Paid Closed-Source
PixelSnap The fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen Website Paid Closed-Source
PhotoBulk Easy-to-use bulk image editor that lets you add multiple text/image watermarks, resize, optimize, rename and convert files. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Screenbar A macOS menubar app for automating screenshots. Github Free Open-Source
CleanShot X Capture your Mac's screen like a pro. Better screenshot and screen recording app for Mac with a built-in annotation tool. Website Paid Closed-Source
RepixPro An all in one solution for all your tasks related to applying Filters, Resizing, Cropping, and renaming all of your images at once. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Graphic Inspector Show extensive info on entire folders of images and vector graphic files. Designed to help print, web design, electronic publishing and digital photography. Website Paid Closed-Source
Hej Stylus App that smoothes pen position, pressure, tilt and rotation, adjusting pressure and features mapping system, ruler tools etc. for your Mac. Website Paid Closed-Source
Principle Prototype animation tool for MacOS that's easy to use with option to import from Figma and Sketch. Website Paid Closed-Source
ThumbsUp Create batch thumbnails for your website in seconds with ThumbsUp. Website Free Closed-Source
Morph Age Create stunning morphing animations from faces, animals, or objects. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
EXIF View and Edit Meta Data AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Pixea Image viewer for macOS with a nice minimal modern user interface AppStore Free Closed-Source
Entity Pro Unicode Glyph & Emoji Finder AppStore Paid Closed-Source
MetaImage Read, write and edit images metadata. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Eagle Organize all your reference images in one place Website Paid Closed-Source

# Vector

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Affinity Designer Professional Graphic Design software AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Sketch Vector graphics editor for macOS made for user interface and user experience design. Website Paid Closed-Source
Logoist Powerful Vector Design App AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Amadine The ultimate vector graphics software for Mac Website Paid Closed-Source
Vectormator Pro Intuitive vector graphic design software that empowers you to design anything you can imagine. NOTE: It's free now, maybe not in the future AppStore Free Closed-Source
Flinto The App Design App Website Paid Closed-Source