# Customization

# Desktop

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
GeekTool Customize your desktop with great flexibility. There are four modules available that you can use for different types of informations. Website Free Closed-Source
Displaperture Round your display's corners AppStore Free Closed-Source

# Dock

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
VerticalBar Add a vertical or horizontal bar with space to the Dock similar to the default one. Github Free Open-Source
Panelicious Place alternative docks everywhere on your screen. AppStore Free Closed-Source

# Icons

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Replacicon Find and replace app icons to match macOS Big Sur Website Paid Closed-Source
IconJar Icon manager for MacOS Website Subscription Closed-Source
Pictogram Easy to use custom app icons on your Mac. Website Free Closed-Source
Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
BoringOldMenuBar Bring the macOS Catalina menu bar to macOS 11 Big Sur Website Paid Closed-Source

# Wallpapers

Name ⇵ Description ⇵ Get it ⇵
Irvue Gorgeous high-resolution wallpapers on your Mac from Unsplash with new ones every day. AppStore Freemium Closed-Source
Plash Make any website your Mac desktop wallpaper. AppStore Free Open-Source
24 Hour Wallpaper Expands Dynamic Desktop by offering a complete catalog of wallpapers from around the world that change to match the time of day. AppStore Paid Closed-Source
Day & Night A dynamic wallpaper engine AppStore Freemium Closed-Source