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# Communication

# Chat clients / Messaging

⇵ Name Description Download
Adium (opens new window) Free instant messaging application for AIM, XMPP (Jabber), ICQ, IRC and more. Website (opens new window) Free Open-Source
Seaglass (opens new window) Native macOS client for Matrix written in Swift. Github (opens new window) Free Open-Source

# Social network

⇵ Name Description Download
Aviary (opens new window) A beautiful Twitter client built with macOS design guidelines in mind. AppStore (opens new window) Paid Closed-Source
TweetBot (opens new window) Full-featured Twitter client for the Mac with multiple-column support and much more. AppStore (opens new window) Paid Closed-Source


⇵ Name Description Download
Textual (opens new window) Textual is the most popular GUI application for IRC on macOS. AppStore (opens new window) Paid Open-Source

# Messages

⇵ Name Description Download
Stickers (opens new window) A native sticker manager for macOS Website (opens new window) Free Open-Source
Telegram (opens new window) Telegram for macOS AppStore (opens new window) Free Open-Source