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Mac App Collection

Find hidden gem apps to improve your Mac.

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Native GUI

The most polished apps are made using Apple's guidelines and libraries.


When FOSS competes with fully native apps, it's some of the best on the market.

No web apps

Web apps often have a bad UX/UI and are a common source of poor battery life.

# Why this collection?

The software ecosystem for macOS over the last decade has been growing rapidly. There's a lot of new software which offers high quality, native and polished experiences, or just enhances the existing macOS experience to suit personal needs, which is often overlooked by what's being advertised.

Over time, with the amount of advertising, requirements, and bloatware found on store fronts, it's eventually become harder to browse for good native apps, especially those by smaller indie or hobby developers.

This collection was originally made as a personal 'awesome' list as a goto, which evolved into a website. This site has no commercial use aside from bringing users and support for developers together by linking to their websites and their store/download-link.

As this is a single person hobby project, part of my weekend time goes into maintaining and developing this site for free. If you want to support this project, you can head over to Gitlab and suggest new apps, or if you want to send a personal thanks u can do that via PayPal (opens new window) which is always highly appriciated.

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Help me improve the collection+

This collection is by no means perfect. If you want to add software to the list or change things up, you can create an issue over at GitLab or use the quick feedback form at the top right corner. If you find an issue on a specific page, you can use the button at the bottom called "Suggest a change" for a link to that specific GitLab page.

Why does the list not have app icons?+

For legal reasons, using other people's artwork without permission is something we want to prevent. To ask every developer for permission is too large of a task.